Open Access

Breakthrough\’s Open Access Policy

Breakthrough Breast Cancer believes in the open and unrestricted publishing of the research we fund, with the benefit to researchers that it provides increased visibility, usage and impact of your work. Breakthrough\’s Open Access policy is mandatory for all grant holders. Please view our Open Access Journal Guide, which includes the top 90 most-frequently used journals by Breakthrough researchers, for info on whether a journal is open access and compliant with Breakthrough\’s policy.

Europe Pubmed Central

Breakthrough is a funder of Europe PubMed Central (Europe PMC), in partnership with other biomedical and health research funders. Europe PMC is a unique, innovative, online repository where you can search over 25 million+ abstracts and 2 million+ full-text research articles from PubMed and PubMed Central. In addition, advanced text-mining allows you to search the full text of articles for key words, which is proven to increase the relevance of your search queries results.


For questions relating to any of the above, please contact: Dr Alex Bonner, Senior Manager of Research Management